February 2018 Minutes

Brewster Chamber of Commerce Public Meeting February 7, 2018 Minutes
Open: 9:00 am
Invocation: Billy Bosch Real Life Church
Minutes-From Jan 3, 2018 public meeting read and approved
Treasurer Report- Leslie- Checking- $2533.60 Savings- $10,025.28
City Report- Lee Webster- Airport project is about wrapped up with new lighting and they are installing a AWS system being installed it is a $300.000 piece of equipment
County is doing the chip sealing on the city streets. Their costs are lower than anyone else and a lot cheaper than the city can do it.
Looking at completion end of March or 1st of April.
Working on well locations and property rights issues for the water project.
Boys and Girls Club- Brian Paine- regional B&G club going on in E.Wenatchee is in the works.
Big Golf Tournament going on at Gamble Sands May 21, and they are needing lots more help, volunteers mostly. Looking for sponsors they have plenty of golfers. They have partners with Siren Soft winery out of Chelan now 3 days prior to the golf tournament the Chelan Wine and jazz festival they are looking at sell 750 to 1000 tickets and all the proceeds will go to the Brewster B&G club
Check in at 10 am Monday May 21 contact Brian to volunteer.
Always looking for volunteers at the B&G center. They will do the Easter egg hunt. They are working on their web site and the info will be on that as well.
ChelanwineJazz.com is a good site to learn more about it.
Special Guest Speaker –Kristi O’Neil- Work Source of Okanogan did a nice presentation on what they offer and their goals.
New Business: Coffee and Donuts- We decided last month to have a business sponsor coffee and donuts for the meeting and they will have an opportunity to tell about their business and what they have to offer and the first one is Grovers Supply and Dave and Leslie donated.
Membership Drive 2018-
Anna, Leslie and Mike got together and stuffed envelopes with the new membership application for 2018 as well as new Benefits of Membership form and questionnaire, and the awards Nomination form and they were being mailed out to all the businesses listed with the City for 2018.
Awards Luncheon- We have set the date for March 16, 2018 place yet to be determined.
Cherry Jubilee- We have set the date for June 16th for our 1st annual Cherry Jubilee. Anna is the head of
the committee with all the board members helping out.
We had a motion and approved at the board meeting to purchase of the Grant Software from Okanogan
work source to facilitate in obtaining grant for updating our Main Street.
The info and vacation books ads- The info book is out and Pam with the Chronicle gave us an update.
And left bundles of the books, and will bring more next month for business to have. The full page ad on
the vacationland book is complete and Chris did a great job adding what the Chamber is doing. With
beautiful pictures and all. These books will be up and down the I-5 corridor and in motels and hotels
across the state.
Next Coffee and Donuts- Mike with Mauk Fishing Stuff will donate that.
Next meeting is March7, 2018 at the Gamble Fitness, Brewster 9:00 am
Adjourned -10:00 am