January 2018 Minutes

Minutes Brewster Chamber of Commerce Public Meeting
Jan 10, 2018
Location- Gambles Fitness, Brewster, WA

Open: 9:00
Introductions: 12 present
Treasurer Report: Chris Majors- Checking-$4834.30 Savings- $10,024.93

Dec 6, 2017 meeting minutes read and approved Announcement of New Officers 2018 Anna Dalbey -President Martin Hurtado- Vice President Mike Mauk -Secretary Leslie McNamara -Treasurer Directors- Chris Majors, Dan Webster, Manny Hurtado Moving forward- Anna suggests that we as a chamber may need to put to a vote as to our mission. The chambers primary focus is we are not event planners. We do not want any more events to be asked on to the Businesses for donation, if the Chamber is putting it on the Chamber will pay for it. If it is a fund raiser it will be for some cause the community needs .We believe the chamber should be promoting the businesses. We will have more events on the calendar, like the Cherry Jubilee. We need to make Brewster the town people want to come to.

City Report: Lee Webster- Trees are done cost $10,810.00- the Chamber agreed at the Sept 6, 2017 meeting approved to pay a max amount of $2000.00. Airport project is nearing completion, Water project is still going on. PUD is replacing the restroom no time frame yet Anna suggests like a ribbon cutting when the bathrooms are complete and we can open it up with the new trees and playground equipment. We will discuss this when time gets closer.

Boys and Girls Club Holiday update- Avis said everything went great with about 748 gifts being sold for $1.00 each. A really nice turn out and no problems.

Los Posadas’s update- Martin said it went well, but the weather was very cold. We may try to change the date next year to earlier in the month it may be warmer. He said it was a full house at the end at the INN, with over 50 people Info book and vacation land ad- Chris has the full page ad done for the vacation land book that will have our local businesses listed. Monthly meet-ups- starting this year- Jan 24, 5:30 at Coldwell Banker, Anna’s place on Main Street. This will coincide with the membership drive. Anna wants to go over the membership form and make sure to add what the businesses have to offer so it will be on the web site. Chris says to add a sentence saying that if you want your logo on your ad to email it to him and he will take care of that.

Motion to get Chris to be the web master- he offers in trade for membership in to the chamber to do the basic web updates. Any extra he will negotiate at that time. Second and Motion approved- Chris is the webmaster for the Brewster Chamber of Commerce website.

4th of July concession- last year we talked about maybe moving the concessions down to 7th street, not at the cove. But it may be too late to actually do that as reservation started on the 1st. Nothing was decided needs more discussion. We need Brian from the Boys and Girls Club to voice what they want as they are in charge of the concessions. More discussion later. Chris suggested making a committee to take care of the 4th of July. 

Motion to have Martin chairperson of the 4th of July committee second and Motion approved- Martin is the Chairperson for the 4th of July Committee. Chris and Anna volunteered to be on the committee so far.

Business and or Citizen of the Year: Last year we tentatively decided to have a business of the year and or a person of the year. We decided to send out emails to the members asking for nominations for business and citizen of the year including why. That will go out soon and needs to be back in by the 19th and the board will have a meeting to go over the results and vote for the winner at the Feb regular meeting. Avis nominated Jason Allen on the Fire department and is instrumental in community relations making sure the Fire Department in at all the community events. As well as other really nice things he does for the community.

Martin suggests we have a St Patrick’s Day with a parade and maybe decorate the town. Having a parade in the mid morning and maybe get dance groups or whatever.

Motion for the Chamber to sponsor a St Patrick’s Day parade second and Motion approved- Martin volunteered to be the chair of the committee. 

Plaque or Sticker for Businesses- Anna suggests a plaque or sticker on their business window saying they are a member Leslie suggested plaque and make it so the year can be added each year. Anna is going to work on that.

Announcement- Anna has Keith Johnson coming to her office using her space teaching a beginner Spanish class starting this week- Jan11, Monday and Thursdays at 5:30 the cost is $10.00 Contact Anna for more information.

Cherries Jubilee- Anna volunteered to be the Chair for that committee with most of the board offering to help as well. No date has been set. June was suggested due to July being a busy month.

Welcoming packets- Leslie suggested making a packet for new businesses and individual family’s with information on what the town and business have to offer. A Welcoming Packet or Basket. We will discuss it more soon.

Speaker February Meeting- Christy O’Neil the Business Resource Person for Work Source is coming to the meeting next month to speak. Alta Lake Parks and recreation folks want to come talk with the Chamber about what they have to offer.

Announcement- Chris announced that the Hospital has been in the Black for 6 months! They are moving the clinic to the administration office and moving the ER to the clinic space. It will be much more efficient.

Adjourned at 10:00 am

Chamber Board Meeting immediately following. Next meeting is February 7, 2018 at the Gambles Fitness Center, Brewster, WA 9:00 am