March 2018 Public Meeting Minutes

Brewster Chamber of Commerce Public Meeting March 7, 2018 MINUTES

Location: Gambles Fitness, Brewster, WA.

Officers in attendance: Anna Marie, Martin, Mike, Leslie, Chris, Dan, Manny

OPEN: Anna Marie 9:00 am

Invocation: Pastor Greg Thorn

Minutes: Feb 7, 2018- read and approved

City Report: Kelly Hook Police Officer reported that there has been a string of graffiti around town and that if it happened to your business or residences report it and then you are required to get rid of it.

Guest Speaker: Chris Majors did a presentation on how to use FaceBook for your business and actually went live on Face book during his talk. Very informative talk

Old Business:
Membership drive has started with mailings to all registered businesses in Brewster.

Awards Luncheon: March 15th at Los Camperos at noon. The voting ends today March 7th at noon and the board will tally the votes.

Cherries Jubilee: March16, 2018 update. Anna went through what we have so far for the Jubilee, and we passed around a sheet to sign up to volunteer to help. So far we have:

Billy Bosch-Bouncy House, Eric D, Dan Webster-3k run, Rebecca Zion -Cherry pie judge, Shan Miller

Craig H -Car show, Julio T, Chris Majors PR/ marketing

Grant Software Approval- The Board approved the purchase of Grant Software to facilitate in obtaining grants for updating our Main street.

New Business: Eric  the superintendent  Brewster  School asked if the Chamber would keep the money in our account for the upcoming Levi, as the Chamber has before. It was tabled for discussion with the board.

Community Roundtable-Introductions- Every one introduced themselves and told a little of their business.

Meeting Adjourned: 10:00am.   Next meeting at the Armory in Brewster 9:00 am April 4, 2018