October5,2018 Chamber meeting minutes


WHEN: Oct 3, 2018- 9:00am

WHERE: The American Legion Brewster

Officers present: Anna Marie Dalbey, Mike Mauk, Martin Hurtado, Manny Hurtado

Invocation- Pastor Greg Thorn, Brewster Calvery Baptist Church

Minutes approved from Sept 5th meeting

New Business: Recognition and accepted Leslie McNamara treasurer resignation

Request to the Chamber members to fill the vacant seat, and Lainie Hammond volunteered and a motion was made to accept her as the Treasurer for remainder of the year second and approved.

City Report: Lee Webster-working on getting solar panels for the rec building is in the works. Water project still on going. New slide at the playground in the park.

Guest Speaker: Ken Mattson with Scope. He is the new chapter chairperson and would like to get a person from all the chambers to help by setting up a work shop to help businesses. Great presentation and Mike Mauk will follow up with him about helping setting up a work shop with the Chamber.

Guest Speaker: Steve Brown who is running for Okanogan County Sheriff. Very nice talk.

Events: Trick and Treating downtown and the costume contest. Avis has been appointed as chair person for the costume contest and will get the trophies and will give the bill to Pedro who has bought the trophy’s for years. The judges for the costumes are Manny, Leslie and Anna Marie.

The Boys and Girls Club is having the Harvest Festival after the trick and treating downtown and is looking for volunteers.

Heather Carrington is the new interim Director of the Boys and Girls Club and gave an update on their activities They are looking for volunteers and also have a few paying jobs needing filled.

Los Posadas: Dec 8, still in the early planning stages, Manny and Martin are in charge of that.

3 rivers hospital are having a fund-raising dinner $25.00 each with a silent action in Pateros Nov8. Mike Maltais with the Quad City Herald telling how the Brewster Senior Center is in dire need of help and are real close to having to close their doors. Round table introductions with each telling about their business Meeting adjourned 10:40 next meeting Nov 7, 2018 at the American Legion 9:00am