November Minutes

Brewster Chamber of Commerce
Public Meeting
November 1, 2017
Gambles Fitness Center

Board Members Present: Martin Hurtado, Mike Mauk, Chris Majors, Dan Webster
1) Open: 10:00 am-Martin
2) Invocation: Pastor Greg Thorn
3) Treasure report- Checking- $5893.23, Savings- $10,024.26
4) Minutes from Oct meeting were not read and approved due to no quorum at the beginning of the meeting. We will handle it at the Dec 6 meeting.
5) Introductions: 10 present

6) Old Business Nominations: President: Anna Marie Dalbey Vice-President: Martin Hurtado Secretary: Mike Mauk Treasurer: Leslie McNamara, Alejandro Gamez Vote for only 3 Board members: Director: Sabrina O'Connell Director: Shan Miller, Director: Dan Webster, Director: Chris Majors Director: Avis Ericson Director: Manny Hurtado

7) City report:
Lee Webster Reservoirs are complete They will do their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving after the town is winterized. Brewster received the Drinking water award 12 million $ in water improvements Street Sweeper is broke waiting on parts but they are very happy with the work it can do Tree carving: Lee met with him and he looked at the trees and thinks he can get a small black bear out of one and a fish out of one. He did say that he is open to suggestions but the final decision will be the carvers so far the Derby has put money in the City has put money in. The Chamber has already approved up to $2000.00. Christmas tree lighting-The city does not have a boom truck to get lights up. Lee doesn't recommend the tree at the Legion. The tree at Martha's park by the Post Office was mentioned but Mike brought up the fact there is no parking around it and it would be hard to have any type of event there. Umqua Bank tree was mentioned. It was mentioned again to have a tree brought in and set up at the Armory, and Martin said it would be fine but would need a crane to raise it. Yellowjacket construction for boom was mentioned. No decisions. Lee said the playground equipment for the cove park is in the works PUD is putting a new restroom at the launch as well. The city is upgrading the electrical hook-ups in the RV park by the Pool

8) New Business:
Christmas: Family Health Center wants to get involved with the food distribution, she will contact Martin and the Food Distribution Committee about it. Martin appointed as chairman of the Christmas committee Suggestions to piggyback with the boy's & girls club Christmas festival on the 16th. Suggested to have a posada, and having it in the morning before the festivities start at the Community Center. Martin has all kinds of ideas and has offered his business the Armory as a place to have them or at least be a part of.

Nicole Riggan Smith: with New Start Clinics in Brewster, Moses Lake, and Wenatchee and also Okanogan Passed out a flyer and gave a very nice informative talk on what they offer. Chris said the Three Rivers Hospital is starting an old prescription drug drop off box.

Pam Fancher with Chronicle brought information about advertising in the 2018 paper supplements, the Info Book that stays local and also the Vacationland books that are distributed up and down the I-5 corridor. Info book -if the Chamber buys an ad there the Chambers businesses can get their businesses listed for $11.00 per business. Motion was made by Dan Webster to buy a 1/4 page ad for the Info book and for the Vacationland supplements. Chris Majors 2nd and was approved. More discussion is needed on who will pay the $11.00 for the business listing. Chris suggested that the Chamber pay it the first year and then add the cost on to the membership fee or use it as a way to get other businesses to join the Chamber. The city suggested the city and the chamber get ahold of the Derby and split the cost for a full back page in the Vacationland supplement. The cost is $3,017.00. Lee called Lori with the Derby and they are interested but need to talk it over with their Board. Lee and Avis said the city is on board and if the Derby comes in, the chamber will have a special meeting and seek approval. We told Pam we are interested but if someone jumps in and pays before we get back to her then so be it Chris was appointed to take care of the ads and to be the one that communicates with Pam and the Chronicle.

Operation Christmas box: Pastor Greg and the Calvary church is doing this. It is to give a shoe box present to needy children in foreign lands. We did not discuss it, but can contact Pastor Greg at the Calvary Church for more information Meeting Adjourned at 10:26 AM