July Meeting Minutes

Brewster Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Minutes
July 5, 2017
Board members Present:
Anna Dalbey. Martin Hurtado, Mike Mauk, Chris Majors, Sabrina O’Connell, Brian Payne
Next meeting:
Aug 2,2017 Gamble Fitness, Brewster, WA
I. Open: 9:00 am
II. Invocoation: Anna Marie Dalbey
lll. Minutes: Reviewed and approved
lV. Treasurer Report- Checking: $5,902.92 Savings: $10,022.94
V. Brewster City Report: Avis; Nattalie had her baby
Aug 2nd Bikers will be coming though Brewster and staying at the Soccer Field for the night. More information about the group -cascade.org
National Night out Aug 1st at the Cove in Brewster.
The Armory is going to cook hot dogs and pass out free water and chips. Harvest Food’s is going to donate the food.
Chamber members can set up a table if they wish for free.
The tree carver was contacted and he very busy but is evaluating the trees and will be in touch. Avis reported that the City will pay for one tree and the Salmon Derby will do the other If the Chamber wants to maybe share in the cost with the city and help decide the theme. It can be discussed. It is at least a year out.
Vl. Old Business:
Boys and Girls club received the check for the Chambers advertisement on the T shirts. It was voted on through an email vote to the Board members to approve the money as there were not enough board members at the Board meeting June14th when it was discussed to have a quorum. We had a majority vote yes to approve the funds.
4th of July report: Sabrina: The parade had 38 entries and everything went smooth. It was discussed maybe extending the parade route on down 7th Street next year.
Venders: Heather with the Boys and Girls Club reported that all went well. We discussed maybe having the venders down along 7th by the park they have had it there before. We need to reserve the RV spots at the first of the Year for the day. The council will pay the cost. The secretary was asked to put a reminder to do that at the beginning of 2018.
There was a report of over 300 people took advantage of the Free Pool Day
Web site- Chris Majors contacted the web site providers and for 2500.00 and 35.00 a month they would take care of the web site for us and offer premium services. Chris said he would do the web site for us for $750.00. It will be a template type web site and can be easily transferred over to someone else when Chris no longer does it. So a motion was made that Chris take over the web site and 2nd and passed.
Vll. Roundtable Discussion:
Jamaican Days, later in Aug.
Anna Dalbey bought up that Brewster does have a courtesy car at the airport.
Salmon Derby- Anna asked if we had 2 venders yet, Martin with the Armory said they would consider only if they could have a beer garden. So Avis is going to check with the City and the rules to see if that is possible.
Mike Mauk brought up having a shuttle service and after some discussion, Sabrina said she would offer her delivery van and driver. It would be available from 3:00 am until 6:00 am Friday Saturday and Sunday Mornings. The Chamber would pay a flat rate of 56 cents a mile.
Meeting Closed 10:00am

Next meeting is August 2, 2017 9:00am at the Gamble Fitness Center.