September Minutes

Brewster Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2017
Present: Board

Anna Dalbey, Mike Mauk, Sabrina O’Connell, Dan Webster, Brian Paine,
Chris Chambers
Next meeting: Oct 4,2017
I. OPEN; 9:00AM
INVOCATION: Greg, Calvary Baptist Church
II. Minutes from July 5 approved, Minutes from Aug 2 meeting approved
lll. Treasure Report- Checking-$5894.94, Savings $10,023.59
lV. By-Laws- motion to approve 2nd and approved
V. Lee Webster City-Tree Carving up date. City is about $2375.00 short.
Motion was made, 2nd

and approved to donate a maximum of $2000.00 to help cover the costs

of the Tree Carving
Vl. Trick or Treat on Main Street Halloween. Motion to do the event 2nd and approved and Avis
appointed to be in charge of it.

Vll. Christmas Boys and Girls Club- Brian-
Christmas Shop is looking for donations for presents for the kids to buy for their parents.

Christina Gebbers is putting on a Manger Mall for the parents to get presents for the kids. She is
coming to the next meeting to discuss it.
We are going to table discussion about involvement until the next meeting.
Vlll. Suggestions for the Holidays;
Tamales contest.
Street light decorations by business and individuals
Old Fashioned Christmas with Sleigh rides and lighting of a Christmas tree.
Meeting Adjourned: 10:09
Special Board Meeting: planning of Next Year Events. Gamble Sands Oct. 3, 2017 11:30