2018 Citizens and Business of the Year


Thursday March 15th, 2018

The Brewster Chamber of Commerce honored the following:
Co-Citizens of the Year - Jason Michael Allen and Dylan Gamble
Small Business of the Year - Sweet T's accepted by Shan Miller
Large Business of the Year - Gebbers Farms accepted by Bob Grandy

We had a great turnout at Camperos Mexican Restaurant. It was great to see such a good turnout. Plaques commemorating the winners will be hung at Brewster, Washington City Hall.

“Jason grew very fond of Brewster and is out in the community every day to talk to people about what this community has to offer. . . . He strives to make this town better.”

“Dylan is the same hardworking, honest and caring person from his childhood that he is today. His love of the community and the people in it shows in all he does.”

“Sweet T’s takes customer service to a whole new level, treating each person with the same special care, full of smiles, laughs, and hugs.”

“Gebbers Farms is very committed to the community. They don’t publicize how they help individuals, families, and non-profits, but they do much more than most people are even aware.”

Please feel free to comment and tag yourself or your friends in the photos. Thank you for the great community support.

Anna Marie Dalbey (Anna Marie Dalbey-Real Estate Consultant)- President
Martin Hurtado (Brewster Bear Basket) - Vice-President
Leslie G. McNamara (Grover's Building Supply) - Treasurer
Emmanuel Hurtado (The Armory N.1) - Board Member
Webster Furniture (Dan Webster) - Board Member
Majors Creative (Chris Majors of Three Rivers Hospital) - Board Member, Photographer